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We are general practitioners based at Umhlanga Hospital Medical Centre and are dedicated to provide excellent medical care and advice to the community.  We treat acute and chronic conditions and like to emphasize preventative health.  We also enjoy aesthetics and embrace an inclusive approach to practicing medicine.  We treat the whole family including vital staff like domestic workers and we often involve allied health professionals in our holistic approach.

A holistic approach to
medicine for
optimal health

We are a family practice offering specialized medical services: In addition to taking care of all your family’s traditional healthcare needs, we offer the following services for your convenience:

Child Health Care

We love children and support their parents.  Our experienced doctors will provide your children with only the best care.

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When it comes to your health we want to partner with you and your family to provide only the best to improve the quality of your life.  Book your appointment now online.

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Tracy and Nerissa are our friendly receptionists that are available from 7:00-17:00 to assist you with making appointments or taking a message.  They are always willing to help whether it is finding  a number for specialists or making a cup of tea.  Phone or email them with any queries.  

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